Benefits - DuaPi Epi

Benefits With it you streamline the management
and delivery of materials

  • Delivery by Biometrics

    Delivery by Biometrics

    Agility and ease in the delivery of the appropriate PPE to the worker

  • PPE sheet

    PPE sheet

    Modernize your company's PPE file, making the process more secure and fail-safe, managing records for each employee and requiring a digital signature or biometric reading.

  • Third party management

    Third party management

    Control over the PPE and access of employees or third parties in your company. Faça, also, the consumption management of partner companies.

  • Loan or visitor management

    Loan or visitor management

    Separate the stock of products for loan or use by visitors, having perfect control over returns.

  • Interactive Totems

    Interactive Totems

    To avoid queues in the warehouse and optimize the employees' time, the Totems can be arranged by sectors and are used so that they can request PPE quickly, quickly and safely, and delivery is made by Route.

  • Delivery by broken

    Delivery by broken

    The delivery is made at the post of work of the collaborator who requested the PPE through the Totem, even if he needs to move to the seat.

  • Leaders and managers

    Leaders and managers

    Through cell phones, leaders and managers can view and monitor the use and removal of equipment by each of their employees and thus take action or precautions, if necessary.

  • Mobile


    Employees can request their PPE via cell phone quickly and effectively.

  • Purchases


    DuaPi EPI generates the purchase requirement for those responsible for purchases, based on the stock and the need to exchange PPE.

  • Compliance with standards and audits

    Compliance with standards and audits

    DuaPi EPI allows companies to comply with regulatory standards and audits, in addition to the system being always updated in accordance with current laws.

  • Accessibility in the palm of your hand

    Accessibility in the palm of your hand

    Access the DuaPi EPI from any device, at any time and in real time.

  • Reports and dashboard

    Reports and dashboard

    Better control with comprehensive reports that deliver detailed information about product durability, time of use, spending by sector, pending or improper deliveries, overdue CAs, and more.

  • Control undue consumption of PPE

    Control undue consumption of PPE

    Avoid the unnecessary use of personal protective equipment by delivering the specific material for each function, in the ideal quantity and with a valid approval certificate (CA).

  • Reduce labor liabilities

    Reduce labor liabilities

    Receive alerts about the frequency of replacement of your employees' PPE, controlling the validity of the equipment, delivery date, exchange and deadline.

  • Integration with the best software on the market

    Integration with the best software on the market

    DuaPi EPI is a very simple and complete integration module, enabling integration with any software via the cloud or even Excel spreadsheets.

  • Training


    Training control for the correct use of PPE. Use the system to record the training provided by the company and prove that employees actually participated.

  • Inventory management

    Inventory management

    Have full control over inventory movements and know about needs based on shortages.

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